Options Available To Fit Your Needs!

At House Call we offer three different home inspection training options to fit the unique needs of our students. Each educational package has been designed to assist a specific type of home inspection student, and is tailored to suit their individual needs.

Three Different Training Options

H.I.T.A. $1099

– Looking to train at your own pace?

Home Inspection Training Academy: An exclusively internet based 100 hour on-line educational program is open to anyone looking to enter the home inspection field. For only $1099 you can start your new inspection career today.


– Looking to join the House Call team?

House Call Franchisee Training: Available exclusively to House Call Franchisees, our 150 hour combination of on-line and live classroom education combined with 30 hours of hands-on inspection experience is the pinnacle in educational experiences.

Boot Camp $1199

– Want a competitive edge over the competition?

Home Inspection Boot Camp: 30 hour class of hands-on inspection experience is open to anyone looking to enter the home inspection field. Special discounts available to HITA and HCTI students. Optional live inspection training is also available. Classes starting from $1199.

Three different needs, three different programs, one House Call

Each of our training programs has been designed for the specific needs of our students. If you are currently working and can’t take time off to come to a classroom, the HITA on-line program will enable you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. If you would like the support and materials that come with joining a franchise team, the House Call Franchisee Training program will provide you with all of the benefits of the HITA, as well as additional training designed to jump start your inspection career as a House Call Franchisee.

Additional Training Opportunities Available!

All of our graduates will have the opportunity to attend an intensive educational session of the Home Inspection Boot Camp!

This rigorous training session includes 30 hours of hands-on home inspection experience.
These concentrated sessions are intended to provide you with actual inspection experience. This will give you an advantage over other new inspectors, and enable you actually know what to expect before you begin inspecting houses.

You will also have the opportunity to accompany a licensed home inspector on actual live home inspections.

This exclusive inspection opportunity will help you get valuable “on the job training”, helping you to avoid the common pitfalls that commonly plague new home inspectors.

These additional educational services are being offered to all of our graduates at a discounted rate, enabling you to maximize your educational experience.

There is no substitute for experience, and House Call’s exclusive hands-on training experiences will help you feel confident and self-assured when you step out of your truck to do your very first home inspection!