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House Call is committed to educating our clients with knowledge about the function and safety of their home. We provide exceptional service and support, and encourage a lasting relationship. We look forward to your call!

Home Inspection

We inspect top to bottom, inside and out. We enter the attic and crawlspace, and operate all plumbing, appliances, both heat and air, and electric.

Radon Measurement

Radon Air Sampling is a must for any new owner. It is second leader case of lung cancer. This is a preventable disease simply by testing your new home. A simple-48 hour test with our Radstar equipment can give you and your family a piece of mind.

New Construction

New construction inspection, Pre-drywall inspections are slightly smart decisions. We inspect every aspect of the home during each place of construction. We triple check the home to make sure all aspects are completely done as we do for normal inspections.

Sewer Scope

Our high definition camera looks for unexpected expenses such as roots, blocks, breaks or clogs between the house and city or septic connection.

Our Inspectors:

Drew Illes – dilles@housecallusa.net
Tyvon Williams – twilliams@housecallusa.net

Drew Illes

Drew received his Bachelors of Science degree from University of Alabama with his major in biology. With 15 plus years of experience working in the construction and home restoration, he has gained valuable knowledge in the areas of electrical, plumbing framing and HVAC systems. Drew as a passion for house restoration/remodeling, which has led him to the home inspection industry.

He is a graduate of the House Call Training Institute, Certified Termite Inspector, and is a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). Drew is quickly able to put his customers at ease through not only his extensive knowledge and training, but also his personable mature in dealing with both clients and agents. He is a true asset and valuable member of the House Call Team.

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Inspection Fees

(Due at Inspection)
Prices based upon Total Square Footage, including any walkable basement areas, and are subject to change.

Up to 1000 Square Feet … $325
1001 – 1500 Square Feet … $355
1501 – 2000 Square Feet … $375
2001 – 2500 Square Feet … $435
2501 – 3000 Square Feet … $465
3000 – 4000 Square Feet … $535
4001 – 5000 Square Feet … $595
5001 – 6000 Square Feet … $695
6001 – 7000 Square Feet … $795
7001 – 8000 Square Feet … $1095


Silver Package …….. $315 + Inspection Fee

Termite and Mold Inspection, Infra red Testing, Radon Testing

Platinum Package …….. $595 + Inspection Fee

All services from sliver package, Sewer Scope, Lead Testing, Asbestos Testing, Water Analysis, Certified Termite Letter

We offer Radon testing, asbestos testing, well water sampling, lead paint, mold inspection, Air quality testing, and termite inspection.

Additional charges may apply for multiple unit properties, HVAC units or electric panels, and large out-buildings such as barns or pool houses. Please call us to verify pricing.