House Call Home Inspection utilizes state of the art technology to assist our inspectors in providing our clients with one of the best inspection reports in the industry.

Inspection Process

The House Call Home Inspection process is designed to take the guess work out of performing a home inspection. Nothing is left to chance with our system. Everything is geared toward helping the Home Inspector complete his job effectively, while minimizing potential future problems. Our preferred inspection methods will have you performing professional home inspections reports that are sure to pay endless dividends in the real estate industry.

Inspection Equipment

An inspector is only as good as his equipment. House Call Home Inspectors are provided with some of the most technologically advanced inspection equipment in the industry. From electronic level surveying equipment to laptop computers and everything in between, we outfit our Home Inspectors for success!

Reporting System

Our home inspection report utilizes a state of the art software program to guide our inspectors through their inspection process.

Information discovered during the home inspection, including digital photographs, are incorporated into the computerized report. Regular updates of the reporting software, coupled with the utilization of advanced reporting techniques ensures that our inspectors are delivering the highest quality, unbiased reports to their customers more quickly than their competition.

On Site Inspection Report

Today’s Realtor is under considerable pressure to get their real estate transactions completed as quickly as possible. As a home inspector, anything that you can do to speed this process along will be etched into the Realtor’s memory. We’ve organized a fool proof method for delivering professional quality inspection reports on site. This allows the Realtor to have what they want (instant results) while providing you with what you want (happier clients, more referrals, less lonely nights typing inspection reports at the kitchen table…). The House Call Home Inspection Report includes a detailed analysis of the inspector’s findings including digital photographs, a summary included for quick reference, preventive maintenance information, life expectancy and repair estimates guide, and industry standards of practice and code of ethics.


Limiting call backs is the number one thing that Home Inspectors can do to maximize their earning potential and minimize their headaches.

Including digital photographs in our House Call Home Inspection report aids you in achieving this goal. Digital photos not only clarify the location of specific problems for the buyers, but also eliminates any argument over the validity of problems from the seller. The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” certainly applies in the home inspection profession. A well placed picture in your inspection report can save you from a long telephone conversation, enabling you to have more time to perform inspections.

Level Survey

Performing a computerized level survey on every property that is inspected adds real value to a home inspection.

Because of the high expense involved in quality level survey equipment (typically $700 and up), many home inspectors do not provide this service to their clients. By offering this additional service, House Call Home Inspectors provide an often overlooked part of a quality inspection.

Insured and Bonded

All House Call Home Inspectors are required to carry at least $1,000,000 worth of errors and omissions and general liability insurance, as well as a surety bond.

These professional insurance policies provide coverage for the client as well as the Home Inspector, protecting both parties from potential accidents or oversights that may occur during the typical inspection process. Our insurance also offers indemnity to any referring real estate agent, protecting them against any claims that may result.

Extensively Trained Inspectors

While all professional home inspectors go through training before becoming licensed, House Call Home Inspectors are required to go through an extensive certification process.

In addition to the over 180 hours of intense schooling, our inspectors go through the toughest training grounds of all: actual live inspections. There is no substitute for hands on experience, and by actually inspecting properties before becoming licensed our inspectors are already ahead of the competition.

Professional Standards

Industry standards of practice and ethics codes are what sets home inspection professionals apart.

Standards of Practice are the blueprint that act as a guide for the inspection process. These are the minimum standards that must be followed for an effective inspection. House Call Home Inspectors always exceed these minimum standards, providing our customers with the highest quality home inspection in the industry. The Code of Ethics are the moral principles that guide the House Call Home Inspector. They ensure that the inspector has only one motive: to be faithful in their inspection, to be true to the house and to be loyal to their client.

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