HOUSE CALL understands that starting a business is not an easy transition.

How do I build a client base?
Where do I advertise?
How much is it going to cost to advertise my business?
Do I design my own marketing Materials?
What is my target market?


At HOUSE CALL, it’s the benefits we deliver to our clients that set us apart from the rest.
The most successful home inspectors are those who are able to develop strong relationships with the real estate professionals who will refer clients to them, as well as with home buyers and sellers. That’s why we focus on technical skills and the HOUSE CALL marketing strategy that encourages potential customers to contact you and inspire other referrals.

We offer an extensive array of home inspection services for real estate professionals as well as home buyers and sellers. Our nationally recognized computer generated reporting system and handheld computers allow for fast, efficient reporting of our findings.

We’ll provide you with the HOUSE CALL extensive marketing training that only our independent franchise operators receive. With our step by step training on how to utilize the HOUSE CALL marketing and sales programs to best suit your needs, identify potential customers, target them in your own exclusive territory and understand the market, we will help you grow your business more effectively.


At HOUSE CALL, “Partnership” is not just a phrase we use, it’s a philosophy that is reflected in every aspect of our organization.

When you invest in a HOUSE CALL franchise, you are investing in a company that assures you responsive support in starting and operating your home inspection business.

With experienced leadership from the Home Office staff and fellow franchisees or “Partners” from across the country, we are committed to assisting you in every way possible to launch your business, attract new customers and help keep your franchise profitable.

Once inspectors return to their local markets, we support them with on-going technical and marketing advice through newsletters, technical and promotional memos. We review inspectors’ reports to ensure that all inspectors meet industry association and House Call standards.

Our experts are never further away than the telephone or computer terminal.
By e-mail, and through our constantly updated web site, we strive to keep in close contact and to share information that will help all members of the HOUSE CALL family be the best they can be.

We have a hands-on approach in offering you support with the expertise of colleagues in home inspections, real estate, marketing, business operations and technology.


At HOUSE CALL, we feel that your success is our success.

That’s why we provide the most comprehensive training program in the industry. You’ll experience in-depth training in marketing, advanced technology, business operations, technical inspection procedures and personalized service, as well as on-going educational support programs.

The HOUSE CALL home inspector training program is held in our own facility and includes hands-on field experience that can’t be duplicated in the classroom. Benefit from our years of knowledge in operating a home inspection business that provides you with a competitive edge over independent business owners.

Our network is spread from coast to coast and throughout North America, but all House Call inspectors undergo the same initial training program at our training headquarters in Harahan, Louisiana. All our inspectors enjoy constant technical updates, report evaluation and guidance to keep abreast of changes.

The first week of our two-week training course focuses on technical issues, including three field inspections. The second week includes a test inspection and a written examination. It also addresses marketing strategies, promotional letters, database software and role-play to address the face-to-face issues of the real world.

Our home inspection report is the best in the business and a major asset to House Call home inspectors.
In addition to the 1,500 item report, it includes the Visual Inspection Agreement, a code of excellence, industry associations’ Standards of Practice, and a seasonal maintenance checklist.

The House Call computerized reporting system is an industry-leading breakthrough in inspection software. The House Call development team has managed to embody the exceptional qualities of the best report in the business with the added convenience and consistency of electronic reporting. This is truly an industry first. It has helped place House Call inspectors in the lead and well positioned for the future.

Numerous Discovery Day opportunities are held throughout the year in our own corporate facility in Harahan, Louisiana where you can visit HOUSE CALL firsthand and meet with all of our staff.

Every House Call home inspector is trained in the classroom as well as on site. You can have confidence in the fact that all House Call inspectors are required to continually upgrade their skills and to keep current with new technologies and professional standards.

Home Call home inspectors are members of regional, state and national associations across the United States, and all inspections are conducted within the Standards of Practice of these associations.

House Call has developed the best training program in the industry, which has been designed to specifically ensure your success. Our school is based in New Orleans Louisiana where House Call is the largest Home Inspection Company in the State of Louisiana. Our school combines class room curriculum with in-field inspections on actual home inspections. You will personally meet home inspectors and will be able to question them on all aspects of being a House Call Franchise. We do not know of any other school that offers these additional services as part of their training program.


Quality training is what sets our House Call Home Inspectors apart from the rest of their competition.

Instead of just watching video tapes or listening to someone read a book for hours on end, our Home Inspectors are expected to actually participate in their education. From the initial interactive 100 hours of on line education, to the over 80 hours of hands on classroom and live in-field training, you will be thoroughly prepared for the many different situations that are encountered during the average home inspection.


Choosing to start your own business will be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Along with this decision comes the financial responsibility to fund your new business. There are a lot of risks associated with starting your own business, and failure is always a possibility. However, by investing in a House Call Home Inspection franchise, you gain from our years of invaluable experience and won’t have to pay for the expensive mistakes often encountered by new business owners. You directly benefit from the lessons learned by the people that have gone before you; there is no reason to “re-invent the wheel”.


House Call has territories throughout the United States from rural to metropolitan areas.

Our territories are based on geographical location and the number of real estate agents within that area. We evaluate the area and design a franchise package tailored to your needs and the area that you are wishing to operate in. We work very close with you on deciding many aspect of your franchise. We are committed to assisting you build your Home Inspection business, and design our franchise packages specifically with your success in mind.