Jay Moore - Home Inspection, Greater Fayetteville - Owner / Operator

Fayetteville, NC

North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector (NCLHI #4397)

Jay Moore served a majority of his 23 years in the US Army as an Infantryman stationed at Fort Bragg NC. Since retiring from service, he has returned to the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville area with his family.

Jay received his classroom training as a Home inspector from the Desk Top Training Center and his in-field training was given by one of the most sought-after home inspectors in South Louisiana Mr. Joe Cook.

After completion of all training and passing the National Home Inspector Examination and additional in-field training, He was licensed from the Louisiana Board of Home Inspectors. (LSBHI #11089). In addition, he has passed the North Carolina Home Inspection Exam and is licensed to conduct Home Inspections in North Carolina, (NCLHI# 4397) in the greater Fayetteville area.

Inspection Fees

(Due at Inspection)
Prices based upon Total Square Footage, including any walkable basement areas, and are subject to change.

Up to 1200 Square Feet ... $300
1201 - 1500 Square Feet ... $325
1501 - 2000 Square Feet ... $350
2001 - 2500 Square Feet ... $375
2501 - 3000 Square Feet ... $425
3001 - 4000 Square Feet ... $475
4001 - 5000 Square Feet ... $725
Hardcover Binder Report ... FREE
Computerized Level Survey ... FREE
This area does not offer termite certificates at this time.

Veteran Owned

A portion goes toward local charities.

Additional charges apply for raised or older homes, multiple unit properties, & multiple HVAC units. Please call our office to verify pricing.