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Benefits Of Enrolling In The Home Inspection Training Academy

  • The ability to quickly begin your new career as a professional home inspector.
  • On-line education lets you work at your own pace, without having to quit your current job.
  • Our team of active professional home inspectors is available to advise you on your home inspection career decision.
  • Support through the on-line campus is available to assist you throughout your education.
  • A proven professional education system that prepares you for your new career.

The HITA Premier Training Program has been designed exclusively for distance education.
These are courses that have been designed by home inspectors for home inspectors. The in-depth and comprehensive materials help to prepare you for inspections, and the interactive design of the program enables you to get immediate feedback on your progress.

The main advantage of on-line education is that it puts you in total control of your education; allowing it to be personalized to your needs. You are able to learn when and where you want, at your own pace, and on your own terms. With our assistance, you will be prepared for success in your new home inspection career.


What Is Included In The HITA Program?

The HITA Premier Training Program is a 100 hour professional development online course.
This comprehensive online course reviews all major home systems and provides in-depth coverage of systems and component problems, their practical implications, and inspection strategies for identifying them.

The HITA Premier Training Program provides comprehensive, in-depth training for students wishing to enter the profession or enhance their existing knowledge. With clear descriptions, detailed technical illustrations and useful summaries of products, this course is the most exhaustive distance training available. The HITA Premier Training Program is based on years of practical experience in both inspecting homes and training inspectors.

This course includes:

  • Descriptions of every major house system and component
  • An introduction to communication and professional practice issues
  • Consideration of standards of practice and ethical issues
  • Coverage of commonly encountered appliances
  • Over 400 detailed technical illustrations
  • Inspection checklists to help students review key points and begin organizing their approach to performing inspections
  • Summaries of inspection procedures for each major system
  • Lists of recommended and optional inspection tools for conducting inspections

For each house system covered, the course takes a step-by-step approach to the inspection process, including:

  1. Surveying the problems that can occur with each system and component;
  2. Explaining the practical implications of problem conditions, and
  3. Providing inspection strategies for each problem discussed.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the HITA Premier Training Program, students will be able to:
  • Attain the necessary knowledge indicative of the home inspection industry standards
  • Recognize residential construction materials and techniques of construction
  • Recommend the remedial action required to rectify identified problems
  • Have a working knowledge of inspection equipment and use and application
  • Identify and prioritize the most common defects found in residential construction
  • Report inspection findings consistent with recognized methods
  • Apply attained knowledge in practical setting with a high degree of confidence


Each study session includes learning objectives, reading assignments, a comprehensive quiz, and interactive exercises that reinforce visual as well as conceptual insight. After completing these elements, students are provided with a unit exam to test their understanding and retention of key topics. A comprehensive final exam is also provided, to help students prepare for actual licensing exams that may be required by their state or professional organization. The entire course should take roughly 100 hours to complete.

Ongoing student support services

Throughout your educational process, the HITA staff is available to support you in your studies.
Our team of dedicated professionals is available to answer your home inspection related questions, and the on-line campus support staff can solve any of your course related problems.

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Most states have differing laws regulating the home inspection industry and the use of online courses. HITA is not yet approved in every state. Please verify any licensing laws in your state, and contact HITA prior to enrolling if you have any questions. HITA is not responsible for any students who do not verify acceptance of the course with their local licensing entity, and no refunds will be provided.